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I (heart) Barack Obama

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

September 28, 2008 I’ve received so many invitations this week! When you write a column saying what you think of Sarah Palin that can happen. A lot of the invitations were anatomically impossible, if you get my meaning. Numerous others invited me to: 1) lose weight, and 2) become more attractive. To which I say, Hey - good idea. And thank you. One civil invitation I received was to state why I like my candidate rather than pointing out what I perceive to be wrong with someone else’s candidate. To which I say, OK.

I like Barack Obama because he is kind. He would never in a million years be cruel to someone based on their looks. I like Barack Obama because of his phenomenal intelligence. I think it's cool he graduated from Columbia University with a degree in international relations and political science. I admire him for earning a juris doctorate magna cum laude from Harvard Law School. I give him props for editing the Harvard Law Review. I think our president should be breathtakingly bright, and he's all that. With Barack Obama in charge, America will finally be able to earn back our reputation as a country of good-hearted people with a smart man at the helm. I like Barack Obama because he conducts himself in a positive fashion. And because he inspires others to follow suit. When people disagree he works to find opportunities for connection between them. He endeavors to create dialogue among people with differing opinions. He's a bridge builder. I like Barack Obama because he cares about the poorest of the poor. He has shed a bunch of shoe leather walking disadvantaged neighborhoods, asking people what their concerns are and how he can help them. Not rushing, not with cameras chronicling; just walking around listening to people. I also like him because when his shoes wear out, he's the presidential candidate who has the sense to not spend $520 on a new pair. I like Barack Obama because he is an excellent writer. He penned two books, the first one 13 years ago, both New York Times No. 1 bestsellers, and he did it with only the smarts in his own head. No one ghosted for him. In fact, I would bet his editors never even broke a sweat. I like Barack Obama because he makes me feel hopeful, and not in a slogany way. It’s been eight long years since a lot of us felt hope. I like Barack Obama because he can make A Dream come true. Clear up there in heaven, news will travel that we’ve finally made it to the promised land, that we have chosen a fine man based on the content of his character. I like Barack Obama because we have some of the same songs on our iPods. Also because he knows how to use an iPod, and even a computer. I like Barack Obama because he has one house and one car. And one wife. Barack Obama had the good judgment to marry Michelle Obama - and he has stayed married to her. I like Barack Obama because he is level-headed. You never hear that he has a wicked temper. You never see him lose his cool. This demonstrates wisdom and a peaceful soul, qualities that will serve President Obama well, will serve our country well, and will make all of us look good. Well, probably not me. --- * BARB GUY is a regular contributor to these pages.

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