May 24, 2004

To grow up means that one has to be steady enough to agree to take responsibility for the time and space that one occupies.
-- Maya Angelou

Like everything else in life, summer vacation is all about choices.  And since we’re Americans, we’re lucky enough to have many...

May 10, 2004

Like a lot of women my age, I sometimes get a card on Mother’s Day.  It’s less routine for me, however, because I don’t have any children.  I also don’t have any parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles or siblings.

But this cherished young woman sometimes sends me a...

April 19, 2004

Millie died.  She’s my mom.  She was my mom.  It’s been less than a month so I’m still getting used to the past tense.

I wrote about her in the Tribune last September, telling some embarrassing things about her dementia, but also about what she had been like...

April 5, 2004

When I was 12, I met my best girlfriend, Betty.  She was older, but we immediately hit it off.  One time, she came to my house dressed in a huge bunny suit.  She gave me an Easter basket, and as she left, she kept the suit and the gigantic bunny head on, her yellow Vol...

March 29, 2004

A slim white paper arrived in my mailbox:  “Salt Lake City Justice Courts Summons for Jury Service.”

One morning two weeks later, Cory, the jury coordinator, welcomed more than 20 of us.  He helped us fill out our forms, answered our questions and told us that only fo...

February 16, 2004

Dear English Teachers,

Thank you for inspiring me to love to read.  Thank you for teaching me iambic pentameter, the difference between a metaphor and a simile, and a bunch of other stuff that I couldn’t have been less interested in at the time.

Now that I’m 43, I ap...

January 5, 2004

Last night I chased a naked man down the streets of Tel Aviv.  Then a van full of rabbis stopped, and they jumped out to dance for everyone.  It was a strange night, but I was thrilled to see Tel Aviv for the first time.

Several days ago, in Burkina Faso, I watch...

December 8, 2003

Forty-three people, most of us from Utah, went to Havana on a legal trip sponsored by KUER, the public radio station in Salt Lake City.

We were required to participate in all of the cultural and educational opportunities provided for us.  Over five days, we visited an...

September 29, 2003

Apple, table, penny.  My mother’s lips move silently as she tries to implant in her brain these words her doctor asked her to remember for 60 seconds.  When asked, Millie is clearly proud to recite the words in rapid succession, remembering all three.

She does le...

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