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Women, don't be fooled - Sarah Palin is a bridge to nowhere

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

September 21, 2008

Barracuda. A slimy predator. One thing about the barracuda: She has inspired a lot of new feminists, such as Sean Hannity and John McCain. Thank heavens they're finally on the side of women everywhere, keeping an eye out for sexism, blowing the whistle when anyone comments on Sarah Palin’s looks or asks her a “disrespectful” question. Some advice for the novice feminists: Sometimes a question is just a question, and sometimes Sean Hannity should eat rocks. I think Palin did an impressive job at the Republican National Convention; I really do. The teleprompter isn't easy to get used to and the speech was written by someone who initially didn't know who the nominee would be. Palin gave a seamless reading of the speech, even remembering to crinkle her nose and smile each time she delivered a cheap shot. Community organizer, ewww! She is strangely likeable. She’d probably be a hoot to go drinking with, so long as you avoid discussing party politics. And birth control. And whether Jesus was a community organizer. And the environment. And education. And gay rights. And earmarks. And guns. And animal rights. And the war(s). And the economy. Also feminism. As a candidate, Sarah Palin is a bridge to nowhere. She couldn’t exist as a governor without feminism; she's a product of it. Yet so many women are repulsed by her. There are plenty of fine women in the Republican party; good, intelligent, experienced women who truly could step in if John McCain were unable to finish George Bush's third term. I’ll bet all those women hate the barracuda. The rocking sisters who wrote the song “Barracuda” 31 years ago are Nancy and Ann Wilson. They noticed their creation being used to great effect at the Republican National Convention and they were so steamed they resorted to capital letters. “Sarah Palin’s views and values in NO WAY represent us as American women. We ask that our song ‘Barracuda’ no longer be used to promote her image . . .” They went on to mention it’s ironic that their scathing rant against soulless, corporate interests should be used by the RNC. I wonder if, in all Sarah's college-hopping, she ever was around when they covered irony. Speaking of which, now that Hillary's out of the race, the nominee with the most feminist chops - by far - is Joe Biden. Long before the barracuda donned her Miss Wasilla crown, Sen. Joe Biden was concerning himself with women’s issues.

He worked against laws that treated husbands who raped their wives less severely than other rapists. He also was horrified to learn that in some states rape charges were downgraded if the victim had been her rapist’s “voluntary social companion.” After authoring the Violence Against Women Act, Biden worked like a dog for its passage. For years he conducted hearings, performed research and collaborated with a number of women in the legal and legislative fields, receiving many accolades for his ability to work well with - and take direction from - his female colleagues. He even went toe-to-toe against formidable Supreme Court Justice William Rehnquist over women’s rights. What has the barracuda ever done for women? Let’s see. She's apparently a loyal sister. If McCain and Palin were to get elected, there's a very real possibility that Palin could be called upon to actually govern our country. God forbid. We’ve had eight years of a smiling dumb guy and look where it got us. Sarah Palin is the smiling dumb guy, calling people who disagree with her “haters” and saying they're “anti-Alaska.” I'm so done with that act. Aren't you? --- * BARB GUY is a regular contributor to these pages.

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