October 26, 2008

Thank heavens I saw “Boogie Man” last week; it was good prep.  It’s a documentary about Lee Atwater, Republican Party dirty-trickster, the man with Alex P. Keaton looks and charm who taught Karl Rove every divisive, dishonest, cheap-shot move in his book.

Atwater, who...

September 28, 2008

Barracuda.  A slimy predator.

One thing about the barracuda:  She has inspired a lot of new feminists, such as Sean Hannity and John McCain.  Thank heavens they're finally on the side of women everywhere, keeping an eye out for sexism, blowing the whistle when anyone...

September 28, 2008

I’ve received so many invitations this week!  When you write a column saying what you think of Sarah Palin that can happen.  A lot of the invitations were anatomically impossible, if you get my meaning.  Numerous others invited me to:  1) lose weight, and 2) become mo...

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