June 30, 2013

One October night, late, I wrote my signature. I was tipsy, exhausted, and joyful.
Downstairs in the art gallery, our wedding reception was winding down. Upstairs, Chris and I and Paul Frisby, our friend and wedding officiant, put pen to paper.

"Don’t ruin my record...

May 6, 2012

After you’ve seen an 11-year-old pallbearer shouldering his best friend’s casket, and after you’ve heard the story of his friend’s suicide, how he hanged himself in the closet of his family’s home, you can'’t really get the image — or the story — out of your mind.

I j...

October 10, 2010

You are the only you that there will ever be.  You are unique and irreplaceable.  You are beautiful and rare and exceptional and the world is better because you’re in it.  You are gay because God made you gay and he loves you very much.  All of us love you, too....

June 7, 2009

My friend is graduating from high school this year, and like me, she turned 18 in the days just before donning her cap and gown; two momentous occasions in the space of a fortnight.

Talking with her and celebrating our birthdays together has got me thinking about how...

April 19, 2009

To paraphrase the bad grammar and weird reasoning of Utah State Sen. Chris Buttars:  What is the morals of a married person?

When Buttars famously met with reporter/filmmaker/humanitarian Reed Cowan, he asked, “What is the morals of a gay person?"  Then, without waiti...

June 16, 2008

On June 12, 1959, my parents, Richard and Mildred, got married.  Another Richard and Mildred, this pair in Virginia, were married the year before.

On June 12, 1967, my Richard and Mildred were celebrating their eighth wedding anniversary and the recent seventh birthda...

February 18, 2008

I’m looking at a photo of Chris Buttars and he looks like he has just been served a dog poop burrito.  Really, like he has just taken a big bite of it.  I can't recall a nastier expression on a human being.  He’s wearing a look of pure, thorough disgust.  If you don't...

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