February 22, 2009

Eleisha is friendly and open in conversation even though we’ve only met once before.  She's soft-spoken, candid and confident.

What she’s experienced would fill a book.  Not a particularly cheery book, either.  I won’t describe what Eleisha has faced in her 29 years,...

May 4, 2008

When Chris and I visited a rugmaker's gallery in Morocco in 1995, we were enchanted by the rich colors, the gorgeous patterns, the acrid smells, the foreignness of the entire experience.

The refined salesman, fluent in English, Spanish and Arabic, could convert prices...

December 17, 2007

Recently about 40 Utahns and another 10 or so friends from around the country received U.S. visas to legally tour Cuba for a week.

My favorite experience there, one that brings a smile whenever it comes back to me, is this:

We visit a school for blind children.  We’r...

September 30, 2007

We’re smack in the middle of Hispanic Heritage Month (Sept. 15 - Oct. 15).  I've written previously about my admiration for the great César Chávez and local artist Ruby Chacón, also mentioning Salt Lake's legendary activist Archie Archuleta and the late, irreplaceable...

April 22, 2007

Taxes buy some pretty wonderful things; things that make America great.  They also can be used for evil, used in ways that shame our country.  But which is which depends on you.

Taxes pay for the space program, energy projects and general science efforts.  Taxes...

January 15, 2007

I wrote about Divine Strake once before.  In a draft of that earlier column, I called it a “bomb test.”

A wise friend said I couldn’t say 'bomb' because Divine Strake will measure not a bomb but an explosion of ANFO, the fertilizer concoction Timothy McVeigh made famo...

November 6, 2006

It’s an autumn ritual that I resent every year:  finally giving in and closing the windows.  I put it off until it's freezing because I hate to leave the summer behind.  When it's inevitable, I close every window tightly.  Then I reluctantly attach storm windows to sea...

October 23, 2006

The Vietnam War did end.  Back then, we thought it never would.

People might not like how it started, how we fought it, why we were there, or that, in the end, we lost.  But they would be hard-pressed, 30 years later, to say we should have stuck around.  I don't know...

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